Like a Star, Reincarnated

Is it just me, or does Corinne Bailey Rae look alot like Josephine Baker? They both have wonderfully expressive eyes. Love Josephine’s eyes in this photo. I. Want. Corinne’s. Hair!!! The chic site 55 Secret Street has a styling suggestion for twist outs, and a brush with the chanteuse herself. I love Rae’s delicate songs, […]

Meeting Carol’s Daughter

Thursday was like a holy pilgrimage for a product junkie like me. I have wanted to try Carol’s Daughter products ever since Oprah gave them the big thumbs up in her magazine. Then Jada Pinkett, Jay-Z, and Mary J. Blige came on board, and they opened a big store in New York that I yearned […]

Optimum Oil Therapy, Shades of Pink

I purchased Optimum Oil Therapy on a Walgreens whim. Whenever I go to a drug store I always wind up drawn to the ethnic section. It’s like a tractor beam. I stand there staring at the same old small section of familiar products. Queen Helene’s there, next to African Royale. TCB, Dax, and Duke are […]

More on Minerals (avoiding pancake #31, redux)

The New York Times published an excellent article about mineral powders this week, that somewhat related to my earlier post. I am primarily a cosmetics cheapskate, and I try to abstain from Sephora, simply because I always blow at least $100 when I go there. But Southpaw’s glowing reviews of Bare Escentuals (left in the […]

Billie Holiday and other rare blossoms

Talk about gorgeous. I know I’m not alone in saying that Billie Holiday is one of my absolute ultimate beauty icons. In her early years, she was as beautiful as the gardenias she wore in her hair. By her forties, she looked like a faded rose. Don’t click that unless you want to see the […]

Even Mary J. Blige gets greasy

Damn! I need to get on my hustle even faster! The fantastic peeps over at Concrete Loop posted photos of MJB at the Sephora event I attended yesterday before I even had a chance to upload my pics. I promise to do so over the weekend. But I just wanted to say that this photo […]

My Armpits Smell like Ice Cream!

I can be really picky about buying certain products. A perfect example is deodorant. All my life, I’ve lived in hot, sticky places. The average temperature in Trinidad ranges from 74 to 91 degrees, and here in Miami it can be unbearably steamy. The last thing any woman wants is to be smelly, or to […]