Miss Jackson, Don’t Be Nasty

In searching for images to represent the Afrobella aesthetic, I did a Google image search for Janet Jackson. I’m sad to report that the first thing that comes up is a giant close-up of her breast on that infamous Superbowl Sunday, nipple firmly trapped in what looks like a ninja star. To quote Regina Spektor, […]

Ask Afrobella, Part Deux

Sorry I haven’t been on my hustle this week, y’all. I’ve been fighting off a cold. I’m at about 75% right now, so instead of staying up till 2 in the morning writing Afrobella stuff, I’ve been drinking Nyquil and passing the hell out before The Colbert Report. Sad but true. I have lots of […]

The Afrobella Interview: Motown Girl, the Curly Hair Guru

Let me make this plain – I am no hair care or beauty expert. But I recently had the opportunity to interview someone who is. When I first started Afrobella, readers started e mailing and telling me on the comments page, “girl, you need to check out Motown Girl. She’s the bomb.” I want to […]

Because Relaxed Bellas Need Love Too…

Although ultimately Afrobella is about afros and naturally curly hair, I have to show my chemically straightened sisters some love. It’s not easy slathering the creamy crack on your scalp. Trust me, I know. I had one hairdresser who didn’t even grease my scalp to protect it from the burn. Every time I went to […]

Hot Fall Trend: The Jeweled Eyelid

I was logging out of my hotmail account the other day, when this picture caught my eye. I simply had to find out more. The photo accompanied this MSN article, that declares jeweled eyelids as in for fall. My question is: Did jeweled eyelids ever go out with the seasons? I think some beauty looks […]

Am I Missing Something, Here?

In a recent issue of Esquire, Brad Pitt gave a shout-out to Carol’s Daughter as being good for “black-person hair.” What’s the big deal? When my girl Fresh over at Crunk & Disorderly posted about it, the ensuing discussion provoked 276 comments and counting! Most people seem to be nonplussed, but a few took offense […]

The Afrobella Interview: K.Foxx, Foxxy Lady

In New York, the hottest hip hop stations are Hot 97 and Power 105. Here in Miami, we’ve got 99 Jamz and 103.5 The Beat. Our Funkmaster Flex is DJ Khaled, an insanely popular jock on 99 Jamz. He rocks the mic from 6 to 11 on a show called The Takeover. Khaled’s style is […]