Ask Afrobella – Avoiding Eyeshadow Creasing

I discovered a new product that I’m itching to try to help with eyeshadow creasing! It provides an answer to a recent question one of my readers asked. So here’s another Ask Afrobella for all y’all. rkj asks: I have an eye shadow question. How do you keep the color from creasing? I’m new to […]

Island Remede

“Flawless.” That was the word my mother used to describe my skin the last time I saw her (last December, for a too-brief window of time just before Christmas. I miss you, mom!) I would never describe myself in such glowing terms, but she was right – I had nary a blemish, and my breakouts […]

More T.B.S

My sister-in-law recently left me a comment and said that the T.B.S posts are her favorite. In a way they’re mine, too. I wish I could see more brutally honest sponsors-be-damned beauty writing in magazines. Sometimes a product sucks and you gotta call it out for what it is. I consider this a service to […]