Afrobella Of The Week – The one and only Jill Scott

Alrighty, I know calling this Afrobella of the Week is a total misnomer for two reasons. 1. I run out of gas by Friday or wind up too busy, so it really winds up being Afrobella of the Fortnight. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it, now does it? and 2. Jill Scott […]

Afrobella, Interviewed!

Shannon, of the informative and honest beauty blog A Girl’s Gotta Spa! contacted me for an interview about ethnic beauty. I was more than happy (and honored) to oblige, and you can read the results on the Pierce Mattie site, as well as on Makeup Minute. Shannon also interviewed Lianne, the expert behind the incredible […]

AKA Snake Oil

I think I cracked the code to making a successful product for the African American hair care market. Y’all ready? Name your product “African Magical Miracle Organic Super Gro Oil” and it will fly off the shelves. The contents don’t matter. You can just mix together a bunch of chemicals that don’t do your hair […]