Fabulous Happenings

Your skin looks tired. You’re stressed out. You totally need a facial, pedicure, and massage, stat. Lucky you, beautiful bella – it’s Spa Week for the East Coast and Midwest, so if you live in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago,Dallas, Minnesota, or Miami, you can snag a fabulous spa treatment […]

HIP HIP Hooray!

A few weeks ago, I was having a particularly bad morning when unexpectedly, the door rang. It was the Fed-Ex man, bearing a slender box. My day quickly did a complete 180. The good people at L’Oreal HIP sent me a package of makeup, ready for review! Suddenly it was the best morning ever! I’ve […]

I Ain’t Saying She’s a Gold Digger…

But this Barbie ain’t messing with no broke Ken dolls. I kid the Milano Barbie; there are plenty of skankalicious blonde, white Barbie dolls. But I think this particular one looks like she would be rolling with this girlfriend, in this car, and heading out to the club to holla at this dude. What I’m […]

Afrobella of the Week – Conya Doss

Before I launch into this week’s Afrobella, Conya Doss, I want to thank Beauty, of the amazing music site Beauty N The Beat. She’s become my go-to source for the hottest new urban tracks. Thanks to her, I discovered this week’s Afrobella, the super-fierce and mega-talentd Conya Doss. I’ll admit, the fro entranced me first. […]

To Poo or Not to Poo

Got your attention with that headline, did I? Fret not, readers. Afrobella isn’t delving into any distasteful subjects. We’re talking shamPOO, and the “no poo” method coined originally by Lorraine Massey, author of the book “Curly Girl”. I learned all about “no poo” on Motown Girl’s site, and of course I had to ask her […]

What I Like About Me

One of my worst habits is comparing myself to other people. I did it so often in high school and freshman year of college. “I wish I had long hair like Jolie. Or was skinny like Sharon.” Or, “If only I could look like so and so.” The realization hit me on my way home, […]

Fruity Goodness!

Product junkies on some of the popular curly hair message boards are always nattering on about HG or Holy Grail products. I didn’t quite get the fuss until now. I think I found my HG, and I’m ready to testify! Garnier Fructis Curl & Shine products are the bomb! My friend Jessica swears by the […]