What’s Your Holiday Look?

‘Tis the season, bellas! I have two holiday parties to attend in Miami (sad to say, both on the same day. Every year, both of our office parties are on the same day! So we have to go to one first, then spend the rest of the night at the other. So annoying) and at […]


Mornin’ bellas! A quick note on two things before I jump into my posts of the day… 1. If you’ve tried to leave a comment on my site and discovered that it doesn’t show up right away, that’s probably because you’ve tried to embed a link or include some kind of website for me to […]

I Am Not A Mutt

For the most part, I think Kanye West’s music is great. He’s an awesome producer, and he brought a fresh attitude to the game. I appreciate that. Kanye reflects a perspective that was missing in hip-hop since its inception, that of the insecure, evolving man. He’s had some amazing message songs in his short career. […]

Afrobella of the Week: Lauryn Hill, the ultimate Hip-Hop Heroine

I don’t know what to make of the fact that the song on Lauryn Hill’s official MySpace page is Talib Kweli’s “Miss Hill,” a song lamenting her distance from hip-hop. It obviously means she knows that her fans miss her, but I don’t know if to interpret the use of the song as “yes, I […]

Ask Afrobella – Questions for The Makeup Girl!

Since I positioned myself as the go-to bella for random beauty questions, I’ve started to get questions that are sometimes out of my league. When a particularly difficult one came my way, I just had to ask The Makeup Girl. And in her quest to find the best answer, she deferred to her friend Avin […]

R.I.P, Ruth

I know we’ve had a spate of sad celebrity deaths recently – Gerald Levert, Ed Bradley, Jack Palance… but Ruth Brown passed away yesterday and I found myself particularly moved. In her heyday, she was fiesty and funny, sexy and forthright. You can hear her influence in the hoot of Little Richard and the wail […]

Friday Teaser

I’ve been running myself ragged, y’all. I have a full time job so as much as I want to write and post Afrobella stuff all day, I gotta pull up my brakes sometimes and pry myself away. Because I stayed out late last night at my friend Jason “Fitzroy” Jeffers’ concert shindig, I’m fresh out […]