Hip Hop (and Reggae) Heroine, Tanya Stephens

How can I call Tanya Stephens a hip-hop heroine, you ask? I bet Lil Kim can answer that question! Over the summer, Tanya had to get all kinds of litigious on the nip/tucked rapstress because Kim blatantly ripped off one of Tanya’s hottest dancehall anthems, “Mi and Mi God.” (Honestly, if Damian Marley wanted to […]

Almost-Professional Perfumier

My love affair with Chanel No. 5 has been going on for almost twenty years now. I remember getting a talc when I was little, and every Christmas for the past five years or more, there’s been a familiar bottle of eau de toilette under the tree. Last year my husband got me J.Lo Live, […]