And Now For Something Completely Different

I think the New York Times style section is reading my mind. First they do a story on curly hair, now this week, a story about black rock music lovers. I’ve been mulling a post on black women in rock since last October, but never got around to writing it. Now here we are, months […]

I have no words

The trend of ridiculously insulting college parties continues at Clemson University in South Carolina. You know, there has to be a point when you’re applying black makeup from head to toe when you realize — damn, this is almost as racist as it gets. But that didn’t stop this idiot from leaving the frat house. […]

Afrobella of the Week — Anita Grant, Mixtress Divine

Honey and vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and extra virgin olive oil. We all know that household products such as these can be added to store-bought products (or used to whip up entirely new items), for a quick and relatively easy beauty boost. For some, it’s a home experiment. For Anita Grant, self-described mixtress and creator […]

Ask Afrobella – Advice for the Makeup Newbie

I’ve been letting the Ask Afrobellas stack up to a frightening level, and now it’s reckoning time. This question came from a real life friend o’ mine, WLRN jazz DJ and sagacious sistren Tracy Fields. Lovers of straight-ahead jazz and women with soothing, melodic speaking voices can give her a listen on Weekend Jazz, every […]

If Wishes Were Horses…

Inspired by a recent post by Beauty Addict, I spent some time browsing PostSecret recently. It’s one of my favorite sites — favorite ideas, really. Just that anyone with something deeply buried can share it with the world. I came across this one. That’s how I felt, too. Growing up in the Caribbean — where […]

Moisturize Your Situation – Skin Edition

I’m trying to figure out a balance between social issues and beauty reviews, bellas. I’ve been in a contemplative mood these days, so now I’ll lighten it up with some beauty stuff. Back to my regularly scheduled post, which is long overdue! I did part one of Moisturize Your Situation (hair edition) back in December, […]

Dumb and Dumber

I used to love Eddie Murphy. Back in the day on SNL, he was so hot and so bright, he practically glowed with talent. Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood, James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party. I thought everything he did was comedic gold. Loved Delirious, wasn’t as crazy about Raw — the misogyny and anger […]