Afrobella of the Week — Anita Grant, Mixtress Divine

Honey and vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and extra virgin olive oil. We all know that household products such as these can be added to store-bought products (or used to whip up entirely new items), for a quick and relatively easy beauty boost. For some, it’s a home experiment. For Anita Grant, self-described mixtress and creator […]

Ask Afrobella – Advice for the Makeup Newbie

I’ve been letting the Ask Afrobellas stack up to a frightening level, and now it’s reckoning time. This question came from a real life friend o’ mine, WLRN jazz DJ and sagacious sistren Tracy Fields. Lovers of straight-ahead jazz and women with soothing, melodic speaking voices can give her a listen on Weekend Jazz, every […]