Worth a Click

This year’s crop of Oscar dress knockoffs sadly won’t include my favorite of the evening. I thought Reese Witherspoon’s gown was beyond fabulous. But then again, I am a fool for purple. Who wore your favorite Oscar gown? And who do you think fugged up the red carpet? I haven’t yet been able to fully […]

Bronzed Goddess

Bronzer is one of those cosmetic products that I eschewed in my tomboy days. “I’m black, I live in the Caribbean. My skin is baking in the sun all day. I don’t need bronzer or blush,” I’d scoff. What a fool I was. A little blush can take your look from a’ight to amazing with […]

Afrobella of the Week: Chrisette Michele

I’ll tell you, in recent weeks it’s been getting harder to come up with an Afrobella of the Week. While there are still some obvious choices coming up in the not-too-distant future, so many women I could have sworn would be all-natural forever have switched it up and gone all weavey or straight on me. […]

I Literally Screamed

Yay, Jennifer Hudson!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if they’re calling her her bolero a fashion don’t, watching her win made my night. She looked gorgeous, was succinct and eloquent, and I’m super glad she was able to get in an edgewise thank you to Jennifer Holliday. I know if she had time she would have shouted […]

Missing Dynamite

When Ms. Dynamite hit the scene in 2002, there was such an atmosphere of hope in the air. A Little Deeper was an incredible album, chockablock with hard beats and powerful lyrics and coming out at a time when there was a distinct lack of smart female rap tracks on record store shelves. And on […]

Dreamgirls is Sorry

Jennifer Holliday was pissed. So was Smokey Robinson. Mary Wilson was outraged, but unsurprised. Diana Ross vaguely threatened litigation, but when Mr. Berry Gordy spoke his piece, the producers of Dreamgirls actually listened. They’ve issued a public apology, that appeared in yesterday’s Variety. Well, I hope that the apology makes Diana Ross as happy as […]

When Keeping it real goes wrong

MS NBC This may be an unpopular opinion, but I am really glad that Jessica Hall got off on probation. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, Hall was slogging through horrible traffic when she was cut off. Twice. MSNBC tells the story: “On a sticky day in July, Hall was driving north on […]