One of the many beautiful things about being a black woman


We can wear the most glorious and bright colors, and totally pull them off. I found this photo of the gorgeous Liya Kebede on Supermodels NL, a comprehensive site of model news, business, and fabulous photos. I’ve been mining it for makeup inspiration since always-knowledgeable afrobella Coffy suggested it as a good link for makeup […]

Worth a Click

Jennifer Hudson’s on the cover of Vogue!!! Concrete Loop has all the pics and the inside scoop. I’ve seen JHud look prettier, but I am so damn proud of her it doesn’t matter! And ecstatic that Vogue is FINALLY celebrating black, plus size beauty. I love you, Andre Leon Talley – wherever you are. We […]

Do My Eyes Decieve Me?

Amidst all of the other stars attending the Grammy Awards and pre-parties, I spotted this pic over at Crunk & Disorderly, and had to share. It’s Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. And, wait a minute – is Janet Jackson rocking a natural here? The background is dark, I know… […]

Besame Mucho!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and word to the fellas, your girl doesn’t want a Whitman’s Sampler or that played out diamond pendant that’s in every JC Penney ad. If you want to delight the bella in your life on this most commercial of faux-holidays, I’ve got some brilliant suggestions. Starting with Besame Cosmetics. […]

Afrobella of the Week – Serena Williams

Serena Williams is what the Commodores were singing about when they came out with “Brick House.” For real, Serena is built. She’s stacked. She’s incredibly diesel. She’s got a body made for winning championships, as she recently proved at the Australian Open. She dedicated the victory to the memory of her sister Yetunde, who was […]

From the Horse’s Mouth

Although many of you expressed support for Barack Obama when I first wrote about him, there were those voices of dissent. Well, for those of you who feel that Obama hasn’t shared in the African American experience, so to speak; the up-and-coming senator has a response. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Barack and his wife […]

Be Your Own Mixtress!

You keep spending money on hair and skin products that suck. A conditioner that fails to leave your hair in top condition. A sugar scrub that makes you almost slip and fall in the bathtub. Unimpressive toner, and shampoo that leaves your tresses coated with residue. What’s a bella to do? Instead of getting all […]