Worth a Click

Maybe you’ve been stressed out. Maybe you’ve been going through some thangs. Or maybe you just deserve to treat yourself. Whether it’s one of the above or all three, you really should make an appointment for Spa Week. From April 16 to 22, some of America’s finest relaxation and beauty treatment establishments will be offering […]

Lost Ones

This is the beginning of a new mini-series, dedicated to afrobellas who we’ve lost along the way. So many of our celebrities have had tragic lives. So many of them have struggled to shoulder the weight of fame and come up against an industry that doesn’t seem designed to truly support and celebrate black artists. […]

Back To Roots

So you remember back in February I was wondering what Ms. Dynamite was up to? I found out, thanks to one of my new favorite sites — Racialicious. Turns out she’s been in Jamaica working on a BBC documentary about the Maroons, which aired last Sunday on BBC 2. I’d love to see this documentary. […]

Not Today

I’m pretty much drowning in work today, so no post from me until later, bellas. But I do have two quick things to say. 1. Paging Kam! Kam, you won the conditioner sample and I’ve tried e mailing you three times to no avail. My e mail has been returned every time. If you want […]

Respect to the Afrofellas

Way back when I interviewed Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, she shared a natural hair trend she’d been noticing. “More and more boys are growing their hair out,” she said. Now I’ve been noticing that myself. There’s something about a guy who’s brave enough to grow out his hair and fly the natural flag high […]

Afrobella of the Week: Mahisha Dellinger, Creator of Curls

I’ll probably always be buying and trying new curly hair products, but I’ve found my Holy Grail for now. My hair absolutely craves Curls Milkshake. It leaves my tresses more moisturized and perfectly defined than any other product. After I reviewed a batch of Curls products, I became hooked. Now I’m dying to try the […]

My New Daily Basics

I ran out of L’Oreal Bare Minerale powder back in January, and I knew I wanted to stick with mineral powder, but it was time for an upgrade. Armed with a gift card and a husband bored out of his mind, I made my way to every beauty junkie’s favorite crackhouse — Sephora. This needed […]