Speaking About the Unspeakable

At the end of today’s convocation at Virginia Tech, esteemed poet and professor Nikki Giovanni had an unenviable task. The poet, who first became known as the “Princess of Black Poetry” in the late Sixties, and who is known for her love of Tupac Shakur (forever immortalized in a Thug Life tattoo she proudly wears […]

The Shoe Post

I’ve confessed my addiction to lip gloss, now let me admit to another addiction. I can’t have enough shoes. And I KNOW I’m not alone in my obsession. The only difference between us might be the kind of shoes that grab us. I have flat-as-a-board feet, and I wear a size ten. I’m not looking […]

Afrobella of the Week — Nadia Turner, Afrobella Idol

Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya. Bloggers can’t get enough of him, he’s gotten all sorts of press because of an acute combination of bad singing and funky hairdos. Sanjaya was already a star for those who choose to Vote For the Worst, but there’s one hair style that propelled him to top story status on celebrity blogs […]

Aretha, Young and Gamine

I found this video on the ol’ You Tube and was transported back to 1965, when Aretha Franklin was fresh and new. She had a pixie-like hairdo, and rocked an A-line dress like none other. I miss the days when dreamy harmonies stood in place of histrionic over singing. That’s right, I said it. I […]

Ask Afrobella: Wedding Belle Do’s

I’ve let the Ask Afrobella questions stack up too high. I apologize. Allow me to get back to Afrobella basics. I post this photo with a disclaimer: it took me a LONG time and a lot of back and forth discussion before I decided to post this photo. I don’t aim to be one of […]

Keep it Up, BET!

Like many of you, I’d more or less given up on the ol’ BET. I grew up on it, having been a Video Soul with Donnie Simpson baby, but somewhere around the era of Miss Cita and Uncut, I realized that this wasn’t for me. Then after Free and AJ left, it was a wrap. […]

How Odd

So I just went over to Cosmo Girl to put in a last vote for my girl Kiri, and I found this mysterious statement instead: “CG!’s film contest CosmoGIRL! and Take Action Hollywood announce our Film Contest finalists. We have determined that the online voting has been corrupted as a result of one or more […]