An Open Letter to Hip Hop

Aww, Ludacris is such a cutie, playing with his daughter Karma in the park. She’s so adorable with her afropuff. So sweet, so innocent. I wonder if Luda lets his little girl listen to his music? “Shake, shake, shake your money maker, Like you were shaking it for some paper. Took your momma 9 months […]

Imus Has a History

So I wound up discussing this Don Imus controversy with two of my good friends here in Miami, both of whom are well-respected journalists and all around brilliant dudes: Forrest Norman and Francisco “Frank” Alvarado. They brought Imus’s history of racist remarks to my attention. I knew the guy had a reputation as a prick […]

Lord Give Me A Sign ** edited April 17

Today I got an incoming link from a new website, which I will decline to name at this time. So as I always do, I clicked the new link to check out what this new site was all about. And it’s everything that I’ve written. Word for word, photo for photo, video for video. It’s […]

Worth a Click

Drumroll please… the five lip gloss winners are: Pisces, Nerd Girl, Naadza, Tysha, and Kaara! I’ll be contacting you this week for address information. The giveaways are going to keep coming, so keep reading, y’all! And Kaara and BerryBrowne, I got my makeup bag as part of a set of three at Ross. I found […]

Afrobella of the Week: Sharon Jones, Super Bad Soul Sista

I got on the Amy Winehouse love parade pretty early, and I’ve listened to Back to Black so many times that I almost feel like I know her. When I see her videos on VH1 Soul, it makes me happy for the Winehouse. And so when Concrete Loop did a feature on her recently, I […]

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin’

What is it about lip gloss? I can’t get enough of the stuff. Recently, I was encouraged to take a picture of that lipgloss collection I take with me everywhere — the one I mentioned in my recent interview with YMIB. And this is what weighs down my knockoff Prada purse every day. I actually […]

Vote for Kiri!

Some of you longtime readers might remember when I wrote about Kiri Davis’s film, A Girl Like Me back in August. For those of you that haven’t seen this video, it really is excellently done and gives food for thought to any woman of color. Here, watch. But be forewarned, the first time I saw […]