I Need a Remedy

I thought this would be a passing cloud, but my sniffles that started on Monday are still very much present today. And they’re worse than before! I guess all of my burning the candle at both ends is catching up with my body. I’ve developed a pattern of going to bed at 1:30 a.m., almost […]

Afrobella of the Week: Celia Cruz, In Living Color

**Ugh, sorry about missing you yesterday, bellas. I woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose, and today’s even worse! I’ll be drinking lots of vitamin C and getting all the rest I can. So bear with me if I’m a little sluggish. Back to your regularly scheduled Afrobella post. Living here in […]

Today’s Your Day

I just got off the phone with Mama Bella and my mother-in-law, so now I’d like to wish a happy mother’s day to all of the hardworking, beautiful mothers who read Afrobella. Lots of love to you all on your special day, and I hope you spend it in the company of family and the […]

A Weighty Issue

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about fitness and exercise, from readers wondering why I haven’t discussed these issues yet. I mean, if I’ve already had a shoe post, why not write about fitness? The truth is, I don’t feel qualified to fully explore those issues yet. I always want to feel confident that I […]

Worth a Click

Just look around you, it’s easy to see — there’s nothing we women can’t be! Ten points for you if you remember that song. I could only find a link to it in Dutch, which is kind of hilarious. (an aside — I had a pretty depressing YouTube realization the other day. I rely so […]

Who’s Sorry Now (and Why)?

I swear, after this I’m done with the Akon thing. It’s become a far bigger news story than I expected, and gone on for far too long. Since it’s finally been picked up by the television news, I knew something had to give. And it was Verizon. After they pulled the financial plug on the […]

Lost Ones — Dinah Washington

Whenever people think about all-time great jazz divas, the order typically goes: Billie, Ella, Sarah, Nina. Dinah Washington doesn’t necessarily get that first-name recognition, but she should. Because she was one bad bella. Even if you’ve never heard of Dinah Washington, you might know one of her songs without realizing it– that Doubletree commercial that […]