Now I’m Back

I disappeared for a day or two because we had an unscheduled family visit. As you can see, I was too busy coloring and playing “lion” to make it back online. (I wish we had this on video — her lion roar is hilarious and adorable!) Little Afrobella Dominique is getting bigger and brighter and […]

My Father’s Father’s Day

Afrobella's parents

Much thanks to all of you who shared your feedback about the true meaning of fatherhood. My dad gave all four sermons at All Saints’, the church I was baptized in and grew up going to. He sent me a complete copy of his speech, which I will post as a link as soon as […]

Some Miami Evening

This city I live in is so surreal, sometimes. Come along on my Friday night adventure. We went barhopping with friends in Coconut Grove. The evening started out with typically torrential Miami summer showers, so we drove through the blinding rain, parked, and made our way with umbrellas over to Mr. Moe’s, a bar with […]

My Top Five Workout Jams

I didn’t think I’d be able to really say this, and I’m so proud that I can. I’ve fallen in love with working out. I was never the girl who loved to exercise, and it became more and more difficult to motivate myself as I got older. But through trial and error, I’ve discovered what […]

Elasta QP Contest Winners!

Whew! Sifting through 95 comments is no joke! Lucky for me, the Elasta QP peeps were ready and available with helpful answers to your most troublesome hair dilemmas. So without further ado… the winners arrrrrre… (drumroll, please!) Megan, Keisha, and Bridgette. Hooray! Look out for an e mail from me, and as soon as you […]

Makeup for Dummies

Not everyone feels about makeup the way I do. I love reading about makeup, I love learning about makeup, I love trying new makeup, I love buying new makeup. When I have the time to really put it on, I indulge like Gwen Stefani does in the video for Luxurious (I’m not referring to her […]

Looky Who I Met Yesterday

I attended a Russell Simmons book signing event last night at my old stomping grounds, Books & Books, and it was fascinating to watch. Here’s a somewhat lengthy account of what transpired, an edited version of this will appear later today on Riptide, the Miami New Times blog. And in case some of y’all didn’t […]