Betty Davis, The Original Funky Bella

I’m a day late and a dollar short with this post, bellas. Apologies if you clicked over yesterday and were disappointed. Mondays. Sometimes they hit you over the head harder than you expect. What can I say? Funky is the watchword this week, y’all. This week will be all about funky makeup, funky music, funky […]

For You Aspiring Bronze Beauties

So I had lofty ambitions of posting a big Ask Afrobella today, but I have jobby job stuff-to-do and an atypical deadline. Sorry, bellas! Duty calls. Next week I’ll deliver the goods, but I’ll still hook you up with a little Friday review teaser and an awesome giveaway! Summer beauty is all about warmth and […]

Yellow Is the Color of Sun Rays

Ever since I did that Pat McGrath Afrobella of the Week post, I’ve been day dreaming about Soul II Soul. I’m probably going to date myself by saying this, but whatevs — that’s the kind of music I remember being on BET when I was growing up. Back then, it wasn’t necessarily uncommon to see […]

BET, You Got To Do Better

Black Exploitation Television. Barely Entertaining Television. Black Embarrassment Television. Whatever you want to call it, BET’s been under fire these days. The protests about Hot Ghetto Mess grew so loud, that the news of the upcoming show and the petition against it got airtime on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and the BBC. There was a pretty […]

This Song’s For You

I’m on deadline today, so my post needs to be short and sweet. This one goes out to the reader who e mailed me last week with a confession that she doesn’t feel “sexy” with her fro. I’m definitely going to write a very special “Own Your Fro” post for you, girl! But for right […]

Hooray for Kiri!

I know all of you remember the big Cosmo GIRL controversy over Kiri Davis’s film A Girl Like Me. Well after all of that drama, the winner of the contest has finally been announced. Kiri won the Take Action Hollywood Film Contest! Thanks to regular reader Kezia for letting me know. Kiri Davis will walk […]

Afrobella of the Week – Pat McGrath, Bella Behind the Beauties

You hear so often about the lack of diversity in fashion -how models of color are continually exoticized and fetishized, and there’s the cliched statement that magazine editors still seem to adhere to, that magazines with black models on the cover don’t sell as well. (That theory is eloquently disproven by Constance C.R White in […]