Happy Independence to My Trinis!

I’ve been living in Miami for… jeez, coming up on a decade now! And I like it OK. I’ve become very used to Miami’s ways — not sure if that’s a good thing, sometimes. It probably just means I drive like a total jerk and I’ve learned more incidental Spanish than the average person. Even […]

Last Day to Vote!

Heyo! Today’s the last day to get your vote on for yours truly. I’m nominated for THREE Black Weblog Awards — Best Culture Blog, Best Niche Blog, and Best Writing in a Blog (doesn’t that last one have an extra-special ring to it?)! Click here to log in and vote. Voting ends today, August 31 […]

The Perfect Road Trip Album (For the Roots Reggae Lover)

Picture this: you’re driving across the great state of Nevada towards California, marveling at the vast expanses of nothingness. The road is empty as far as the eye can see and the vista reveals the inspiration for America the Beautiful — spacious skies, purple mountain majesties, all that good stuff. Scattered across the arid landscape […]

Say It Ain’t So, El

This might seem a bit off topic and random, but I gotta get into some sadness I read on the celebrity blogs today. Apparently my childhood crush, Eldra “El” DeBarge, has been arrested. And the dude is now 5’9″ and 130 pounds. He was always lean, but that’s extra lean. The mugshot is heartbreaking. Oh, […]

The Future Is Now

My lip gloss obsession has been well documented, and I thought I was almost hitting the tipping point. I just haven’t been blown away by the selection on store shelves these days. I still browse the beauty aisle at the drug store like I always do, but no lip gloss has made me want to […]

Afrobella of the Week: Odetta

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I’m crazy about Afrobellas with guitar skills, who play music outside of the limiting circles of hip hop and R&B. In the vein of my Sister Rosetta Tharpe post, I’d like to pay homage to another legendary afrobella who laid the foundation and inspired legions of […]

Ask Afrobella — The “Professional” Prejudice

Since that Glamour magazine editor’s quote hit the streets last week, yours truly has been swamped with e mails and Ask Afrobella questions. Like this one, yesterday! Robin asks: Bella, I’m waiting on the corporate hair discussion. I’m in a rut with this issue as we speak. I am looking for a new job in […]