Ask Afrobella — The “Professional” Prejudice

Since that Glamour magazine editor’s quote hit the streets last week, yours truly has been swamped with e mails and Ask Afrobella questions. Like this one, yesterday! Robin asks: Bella, I’m waiting on the corporate hair discussion. I’m in a rut with this issue as we speak. I am looking for a new job in […]

Consider Yourself Bronzed!

I only have ten bronzers in my hands. Permit me to get my Tyra Banks on as I announce the winners. Amber Xenanic Thecla Angelica Greenstar ladybugfromthechi Brandi Sunshine ceecee, and last but not least — Berrybrowne – you asked the Ask Afrobella question that led to the giveaway, so you deserve one! So ten […]