Last Chance, Logo Designers!

Today’s the day! While I was away, I received a bunch of absolutely beautiful submissions, and some promises from other designers to send theirs in ASAP. So if you wanted to send something in, do it quick! The window of opportunity closes at midnight tonight. The original plan was to announce a winner tonight or […]

American Airlines, Again?

Hey bellas! I got back from fabulous Las Vegas this afternoon. More on the trip later. Right now, I need to vent. This is the third round trip flight I’ve taken on American Airlines this year. This is the second time that they’ve lost one of my bags in transit. And this time, they’ve done […]

Clearly I Have a Problem with Time Management

So I’m leaving for the wedding in seven minutes, and I totally had delusions of managing to post something coherent before I left, complete with photos and a video. Silly, silly me. For now, all I can do is offer a teaser for the post I was working on, one of those 8-things-you-know-about-me tags. So […]

Afrobella of the Week — Bella, It’s You!

So I totally ripped off the widely lampooned Time magazine Person of the Year concept to make a larger point, I promise. I get endless Ask Afrobella questions about the same thing. It goes a little something like this — I can’t find enough cool natural hairstyles! Or, bella, I’m sick of my natural hair […]

Freebies, Contests, and Giveaways for You Product Junkies

Afrobella of the Week’s coming later, bellas, promise! Because Monday morning time is of the essence, I’m gonna kick off this week with some product news and follow ups. You’ve probably heard all about Miss Jessie’s, and maybe you’ve been aching to try the products. There’s no time like the present, bellas! Order any 8oz, […]

Full Figured Fabulous

Most of you probably saw this photo of the current case of Mo’Nique’s F.A.T Chance making its way around the gossip blogosphere in July. From the second I saw that photo pop up on sites like Perez Hilton and TMZ, I steeled myself for horrible comments. If you’re at all sensitive about weight issues, those […]

It’s That Time Again

A little announcement about the logo contest — I’m pushing the deciding date back to August 14, in the hopes of receiving a few more entries. So far I’ve gotten some incredibly beautiful entries from people as far away as Poland! I’ll make an announcement on my site on August 14, so stay tuned for […]