She Is Not Alone

Alright. I’ve hemmed and hawed and dropped hints that something major is affecting my life for long enough. Time to come clean, kind of. I’m not going to get into details until she allows me to, but I will say this. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I’ve never before been so aware of […]

Fixin’ to Dye Winners!

Sorry it took me so long, bellas. The winners of the Dark and Lovely giveaway are… T.T. Southerngirl musings Mona Mrs.YFA Angela Chambers Lauren and MBA Mama. I will contact you all for mailing address information during this week, but if you see this posted feel free to e mail me first, at And […]


If I had the time to tell you about the morning I’ve had, I would. Let’s just say today started off crazy, and I’ll fill you all in as soon as I can. I need a calming, centering weekend, and I’ve gotta go now to get this work day done. So allow me to leave […]

Patrick, This One’s For You!

I have completely tipped over from product reviews and stuff that I’ve been meaning to write for two weeks into the most random of the randomness in my head. Please indulge me for a moment. I am about to get totally Eighties on you. Back in the days of cassettes and boomboxes, my big brother […]

A Different Kind of Ask Afrobella

Most of the Ask Afrobella questions I get are about hair and beauty stuff. So when I got this one, I was thrown for a loop a little bit. Here it is. Hello Afrobella, How are you? I am writing because it seems that you know a lot about a lot. Here is the skinny, […]

The Cosby Conundrum

I’m a vocal and proud news junkie, and to quench my thirst for knowledge, every Sunday it’s Meet The Press. I’ve come to expect a weathered roster of shifty-eyed politicos to slide into the seat across from Tim Russert every week — so imagine my surprise this Sunday when none other than Bill Cosby was […]

The Other Contestants Were…

My new logo has been up and running since August, but trust me to come along months after the fact to share a bit more info. Sorry this took me 4-eva. Shari Neal won the Afrobella logo contest from a field of fifteen or so other entries — Shari now has her own official website! […]