“Ugh” Days

Monday was an “ugh” day for me. You know — those days when you wake up with the weight of the world on your shoulders? When your energy is at its lowest ebb all day long, and you just feel like “ugh, I can’t do this BS today.” Those days when people make you sick […]

Those Cleopatra Eyes

Now I sometimes think of the look as “Amy Winehouse eyes” — others call it “cat’s eyes.” That heavily exaggerated eyeliner drama is also often associated with Cleopatra and ancient Egyptian beauty — here’s La Liz rocking the look back in 1963. Talk about a makeup muse. These girls nowadays have NOTHING on Liz. Breaking […]

Will You Be Supporting the Blackout?

If you do a Google search for Blackout, you will probably turn up information on Britney Spears’ presciently titled new album… but today, November 2, is supposed to be about a different kind of blackout. Raleigh NC attorney and radio show host Warren “The People’s Attorney” Ballentine sent out a call-to-arms for all of black […]

Ask Afrobella – Wedding Bellas

One of the biggest myths about natural hair that well-meaning-but-clueless relatives and friends might tell you is, there’s a lack of versatility to your style options. In my experience, it’s often the people who tend to wear their straight do’s in the same tired old styles anyway who have the audacity to say these kinds […]

The Happiest Halloween

It’s late and I’m so tired my eyes are blurry, but I had to post this before I creep off to bed. This Halloween, instead of dressing up and going out to insanely popular destinations like South Beach or Coconut Grove, we went to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals at the Gusman Center. […]