Happy Xmas (We Miss You)

My goal in sharing this video isn’t to make you cry, although it just might do that. It certainly made me weep like a baby. My goal is to celebrate the spirit of John Lennon, dead almost three decades ago as of yesterday. Please be forewarned, the video features graphic and tragic images. If you’re […]

Little Richard Rules

Quick – before it’s too late, I want to send happy birthday wishes to a rock n’ roll legend. Yesterday was Little Richard’s 75th birthday, and ever since I was young, I’ve been a fan of his. That fire, that energy. The outfits. The hair. The mustache. The makeup. And that unrelenting smile. I love […]

Throwback Thursday

How far back do you wanna go? I’ve been stuck in the early Nineties/late Eighties for a minute, so let me break out of that. I’m feeling particularly old school, and found this lush Philly Soul Sixties classic to share with you today. Barbara Mason, young and gamine. Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INDKZe1jih8 […]

Tis The Season…

Normally I’m well prepared for cold and flu season — I keep a bottle of hand santizer by my desk at work and another in my purse, I kick off my day with a tall glass of Emergen-C, I try my best to eat and live healthy. But apparently, I let my guard down. This […]

Afrobella of the Month — Nikki Giovanni

Brash, brilliant, brave, beautiful – Nikki Giovanni is all that and then some. You could run through a whole dictionary of adjectives on this proud afrobella of note. She was once known as “the princess of black poetry,” but now, she’s undoubtedly the queen. Nikki Giovanni helped to pave the way for today’s generation of […]