Sandra Hordatt’s Tips for Carnival Wow!

At the risk of not sounding like a true Trini, I have a confession to make. I haven’t been home for Carnival in a decade. TEN YEARS! What can I tell you? College, then the workplace, then financial constrictions always seem to conspire against me. I must admit, I feel very left out and more […]

Almost Doesn’t Count

Here’s what I keep hearing from my friends here in Miami, about Hillary Clinton’s win in the Florida primary — “but that vote doesn’t actually count for anything, right?” And, “if I thought it was gonna mean something, I would have definitely made an effort to vote.” Florida was stripped of all of its delegates […]

Ask Afrobella — Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Worth It?

Heyo! I got a recent Ask Afrobella question that dovetails nicely into this review/giveaway I’ve been working on. Away we go! I just came across your website yesterday. It is indeed great! I found it through temptalia’s website (ed — which I adore. Check em out for makeup tips!). Anyway, I did come across on […]

It’s All About The O

Ta dow! Barack Obama gave ‘em what for in South Carolina. The margin of his victory amazed me, but it must REALLY amaze those who lived through the civil rights movement and endured the indignities and pain of the Jim Crow era. Obama won fifty five percent of the vote in South Carolina, and took […]

Throwback Thursday — Randy Crawford

I know I got all political on you yesterday, but it’s still Throwback Thursday, right? Wait, what did you say? It’s Friday? Oh. Well, better late than never, right? Do you have a singer who you just wish you could open your mouth and sound just like them? Kind of corny, I know… but I’ve […]

And the Salte Blogger Earrings Go To…

OK, I finally got around to reading all of those fabulous comments and I’ve chosen a winner for Najwa Moses’ Salte earrings giveaway! Danielle, from Maine – you got it! In case you’re wondering how I chose, I simply made a list of the names of people who indicated what color earrings they wanted, wrote […]

Political Propaganda (It Needs to Stop)

I got an e mail last week that really pissed me off. Allow me to vent. I’m on the mailing list of this peace-love-and-Buddha place, and normally their e mails are about things like yoga classes and reiki sessions. But this one had an atypical subject line. It read “Muslims in England!” and there was […]