Ask Afrobella — Help For the Shiny Bella

For some of us, it’s a perennial problem. For others, it crops up when the weather grows warmer and humidity rises in the air. An attack of the shinies is never cute, and it’s very common among women of color. Here’s a recent Ask Afrobella question about what we in Trinidad call “fry bake syndrome.” […]

Survey Says?

OK, I am working on a big political post (it seems the news moves faster than my capability to process it, these days!) and I was planning to include this in there, but it appears that time is of the essence and this needs to be announced more immediately. Here goes. Chris Weber, a student […]

Mariah DVD Winners!

So sorry it took me forever to announce these winners, bellas! Everyone brought up a different song that took me down memory lane. Mariah’s had so many hits! And I love her latest song, but the video, not so much. I’m a big, obsessed fan of 30 Rock, but Kenneth is cringe worthy in this […]

Black Woman, Know That You Are Beautiful

The March issue of Glamour magazine features a six-page spread titled Your Race, Your Looks.” The article is a response to the publication’s professional hair debacle of last year. In November, Glamour magazine rounded up a panel of esteemed journalists, beauty entrepreneurs, and academic figures to discuss the current state of the depiction of black […]

Discussing Obama and Beyonce on NPR

I got snowed under by a work avalanche, but I am poking my head out long enough to announce that I was on NPR’s News and Notes blogger’s roundtable again yesterday, alongside Ambra Nykol of Nykola and Robert Redding of The Redding News Review. Click here to listen!

RIP, Joe Gibbs

By now my adoration of Seventies reggae is apparent to anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while, so allow me to bid a fond farewell to a master of the genre. Record producer Joe Gibbs passed away last Thursday. Lee Perry, Niney the Observer, Beres Hammond, The Heptones, The Ethiopians, Jacob Miller, and […]

Paging Dr. Miracle

I’ve got a couple of posts from 2006 that I get new comments on regularly. There’s the Titi Branch interview, and the first Miss Jessie’s post — it’s become its own little message board, seriously. Another is titled AKA Snake Oil, and it’s a slam on those magical grow potions we black women continue to […]