Throwback Thursday — The One and Only Etta James!

Ever since I heard that Beyonce was gearing up to play Etta James in a biopic, I’ve had a little knot of worry in my stomach. I don’t stan for Bey, but I do admire her work ethic and I do definitely think she’s talented (that extended mix of Get Me Bodied makes me wanna […]

Love You Like a Fresh Vegetable

Gotta give it up to the man Tony Rebel. His song Fresh Vegetable came out in 1990, and I still sing the chorus in my head almost every time I make a salad. Listen to it here! Just like Tony Rebel, I love fresh vegetables. They’re good for me, they’re delicious, and sometimes — this […]

Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog

Say hello to my little friend! I’ve already let you all know about my job — calendar editor of the Miami New Times reporting for duty. Now in addition to writing the calendar, I’ve got a new weekly blog! It’s very different from Afrobella — Pretty in the City is all beauty all the time, […]

Farewell, Fidel

Wow. This morning feels like history! I just woke up and it’s all over CNN and NPR already that Fidel Castro has resigned. A half century of communist rule, over. Just like that. Reporters are already congregating at Versailles on Calle Ocho here in Miami, and I am sure when I leave the safe quiet […]

Hey Hey — Mariah Giveaway

Did you miss that post? Go leave a comment there if you want to win The Adventures of Mimi 2-DVD box set. I’ve got five to distribute. And it’s been a beautiful thing reminiscing with you about your favorite Mariah song, y’all got me digging in the mental crates. So commenter Tai mentioned “Vanishing,” which […]

My Childhood Dream House

When I was little, I used to play a little game called “that’s my house.” It wasn’t so much a game, I guess — whenever I drove past a beautiful home, I’d declare, “that’s my house!” I’m sure you might have played the same game whenever you drove through nice neighborhoods as a young’un. Every […]

Valentine’s Day Hangover

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and it’s such an over-the-top, retail-driven celebration. You either love it or you hate it. I personally enjoy it, but this year we were too busy to even celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Today is my V-Day, so I’d like to wish a happy belated day of love to everyone! […]