A Valentine’s Wish, Before It’s Over

So yeah, I totally missed the opportunity to post my big Valentine’s beauty product post. Busy isn’t even the word to describe me this week, so I haven’t had the time to finish any of the half-baked messages of love I’ve been writing. It’ll pop up, better late than never (that’s what I keep telling […]

Forgetful Jones

I’ve had a crazier week than normal, so I have been a bit more forgetful than usual. For example, I was on NPR’s News and Notes blogger’s roundtable on Monday, and I completely forgot to post it and let you all know. Mea culpa. Please click here if you’d like to hear my two cents […]

Photo By Request

So after the Tomoka’s Twists unique chic post, you bellas have made her sales go through the roof! MiMi, the designer behind the unique hair accessories contacted me and said the orders have been rolling in so fast, she’s out of stock on some items. She also wanted to explain how to wear them. “Everyone […]

Miss Jessie’s Giveaway Winners

Of all the giveaways I’ve had, I am proudest of this last Miss Jessie’s giveaway. You kicked off Black History Month with a bang! It perfectly captured what Afrobella is all about — that sweet combination of brains and beauty. I was very inspired by all 88 comments, and it was very hard to choose […]

Why I Love Black History Month

So I’ve been reading your comments on the Miss Jessie’s giveaway post, and it’s got me thinking alot about Black History Month. Quite a few of you pointed out the month’s most obvious flaw — its brevity. Also, that black history is American history, the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors were shed to […]

Worth a Click — Unique Chic

You know my style by now — I love clothes, accessories, and shoes that are both classic and quirky, funky and functional items that come from smaller boutique businesses. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the kinds of fly items any afrobella would love to get in a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day. Here […]

This is How I Feel Right Now

Exhausted and unenlightened. Why oh why did I stay up until 3 a.m. looking at Super Tuesday election results? Now I have no energy to post the big stuff I’ve been writing for all of you, and my job’s a-calling. Le sigh. And the stupid part is, after staying up that late (and waking up […]