My Two Cents

I’m going to be on NPR’s News and Notes today! If you’d like to hear my perspectives on the political and cultural issues of the moment, check your local listings and tune in! For those of you who aren’t able to listen live, I’ll post the link as soon as it’s online, which should be […]

The Downside of Online Shopping

So this is a quick follow-up from my Worth a Click fashion post from a few weeks ago… I bought my first items from Kiyonna, and the experience totally underscored why I prefer to shop in person, rather than online. I got these shorts in chocolate brown, and yeah… I’m gonna be sending those back […]

Do You Pre-Poo?

For years, I did hot oil and deep conditioning treatments after shampooing and conditioning my hair. That was just the way my hairdressers always did it — wash, condition, THEN slather on oil, stick me under a dryer or bonnet or weird spaceman hot lamp until I’m done, then rinse and repeat. I never questioned […]

Throwback Thursday — Is It Because I’m Black?

My heart’s been heavy this week, and I’m gonna blame it on the news. The issues I addressed on Tuesday got me down, first. After that, the response to Michelle Obama’s “That’s America” statement — which has been already turned and twisted and reduced into a quote-unquote unpatriotic soundbite that is as best a caricature […]

Afrobella, Interviewed by Belle Noir!

Bellas, I was recently interviewed by the beautiful ladies at Belle Noir magazine. In case you haven’t heard of Belle Noir, it’s a wonderful site for big, beautiful women of color. Check them out. And I liked the questions she asked me in the interview! In case you were wondering what’s in my makeup bag, […]

Worth a Click

I’ll take “self-inflicted political scandals for $800, Alex.” Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! Or… maybe you can? What an utterly insane campaign season this is proving to be. And I really don’t mean to needle any Clinton supporters who read Afrobella — at one time, I too admired her simply for her intelligence […]

A New Low

Bellas, I was sick as a dog for what was probably the most miserable Easter ever. But as sick as I was… and still am… THIS made me feel even sicker. That’s the kind of ignorant, stomach-churning racism that I can’t fully wrap my brain around. I have no words for how angry and disgusted […]