Ask Afrobella Part Deux — On Brows

There were soooooo many comments and questions about eyebrow maintenance in the previous post on hair removal, I’m just gonna go ahead and answer a few questions right here right now. Otherwise it’ll be ANOTHER thing I was supposed to do three months ago. I’ve done it all. Waxed, plucked, and lately — threaded. I’m […]

Ask Afrobella — That Furry Feeling

I am ashamed at how long it’s taken me to slog through these Ask Afrobellas. I need an intern! I am literally drowning in e mail. Mea maxima culpa, bellas who have asked questions in 2008. I will make it up to you! Here’s one I’ve been meaning to get to from a regular reader. […]

Throwback Thursday — Earth Wind and Fire!

Raise your hand if you owned this album as a young’un. If you grew up in a black family in the Seventies and Eighties, it was probably in the crate somewhere, right next to Songs In The Key Of Life and the Jackson 5 Christmas album. Earth Wind and Fire’s volume one is a timeless […]

The Amazing Race

I wanted to wait until I could see and read Barack Obama’s speech in its entirety before I wrote about it. I wanted to watch the news broadcasts and see if I could discern any criticism of his message, or glean if his detractors could stand to gain from his delivery. Thus far, response has […]

Worth A Click

Here’s a random assortment of the Afrobella-related issues I’ve been meaning to address… One Door Opens Where Another Door Closes — Today at 1 p.m., New York Governor Designate David Paterson will be sworn in before the State Legislator, effectively ending Eliot Spitzer’s in-office shame spiral. Thus far, the result of this whole incident has […]

Honored to be Nominated!

I am so excited! Afrobella has been nominated for a Glam Network Award, in the Best Beauty category. I gotta admit, this means a lot to me — Afrobella isn’t a typical “beauty” blog by any means, and in some ways, broadening the scope of my content has led to automatic exclusion from various networks […]

Smelling Like The Stars

This is supposed to be a beauty blog, right? Damn. All of this politricks is raising my blood pressure right now. I had planned a pissed-off rant about Geraldine Ferraro, but I might blow a gasket if I really start to analyze her comments… and Keith Olbermann said it all better than I ever could. […]