Summer Footwear, Having a Blast

Too much politics gets me down, bellas. Time to lighten up with a shoe post! I don’t know how the weather is where you’re living, but for me in Miami, it feels like summer already. It isn’t quite at the point where I feel like I’m melting as soon as I open the door to […]

Wright or Wrong

I’ve been wondering when the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was going to speak out against the endless looping of his most controversial sermon. Finally his time has come. I just caught the tail end of his question-and-answer session, which CNN described as “a little bit heated.” An audience member asked him if he was unpatriotic. “I […]

Out in the Streets, They Call It Murder

I had already left my home on Friday, by the time the Sean Bell verdict dropped. So I took the weekend to absorb the shock, and to try to understand how this verdict could possibly be handed down. I’m still at a loss. My immediate emotional response to the news that the three accused officers […]

Friday Flashforward — Estelle’s My Girl

I love her music, I love her message, and I absolutely love her style — British import Estelle has been making big stateside buzz finally, and she’s made an impression on me as a style icon to watch. Here’s why. Estelle is an unconventional beauty. She’s got distinctive features, and she doesn’t try to be […]

You’re Reading the Best Beauty Blog!

…According to you guys and the Glam Network, that is! That’s right, bellas — thanks to your support, yours truly won the title of Best in Beauty in this year’s Glam Network Awards! And a big ol’ photo of me is the front page photo on the slide show! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you all […]

… But Is It Worth It?

There’s something really intoxicating about shopping at Sephora, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstroms, and stopping by the makeup counter of the brands you see mentioned in Vogue or Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. I remember my first Chanel lipstick — a deep chocolate berry brown I wore down to the nub back in high school, […]

Down, But Not Defeated

I know I’m not the only political news-observer who woke up in a cloud of gloom this morning. Apparently the voters in Pennsylvania see something I don’t, in HRC. I have tried really hard to not allow the swelling, souring personal feelings inside me color my political coverage on this blog. I do have strong […]