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By: nellidad1 Wed, 30 Apr 2008 18:28:55 +0000 To Katia:
A female president is nothing to go crazy about, are you serious!!!!! Take one good look at the news and see what’s happening around the world besides the U.S., Women around the world don’t have the same opportunities as us. And Even so, When I got to work as an Engineer besides being hispanic, MEN still look at me because I’m a female. Do you you know how that feels? Despite my high performance at I’m still judged because of my gender. \

By: Ms. Independent Sun, 27 Apr 2008 15:53:33 +0000 I was just thinking about the absolute pettiness of this whole campaign season and how some of our white counterparts would rather wallow in ignorance/fear than face the reality of this nation. They have always had a talent for ignoring what is inconvenient, but I am certain that in the world’s current climate their luck will run out.

Thus far, the media has acted as a blanket of protection for the tender. Just a quick example, notice Hillary’s sniper fire comments are always mentioned along side the “Rev. Wright controversy” like so: “We don’t want to hear about Rev. Wright or sniper fire, let’s get to the issues….” HOWEVER, this is followed by a panel discussion on Rev. Wright and no further mention of anything Hillary has ever said or done that could count against her.

The veils are thin.

By: flygyrl72 Sun, 27 Apr 2008 05:12:51 +0000 Che, exactly which polarizing Barack supporters are you referring to?

Every poll has Clinton supporters as the ones who are hard-core & who are saying they’ll stay home in the case Barack is the Democratic nominee in November. Especially now that they’ve been stoked up by her hate mongering, muck raking campaign. While each side has folks saying that, most Barack people have said that they’ll begrudgingly give her the vote if she gets the nod.

Also, we currently have a Democratic majority in the House & the Senate, & they’ve still let this President & his cronies do whatever they damn well please. They’ve failed to step up the pressure on Bush to end this war and they haven’t even discussed impeaching Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Condoleeza, which is what should be happening, those guys are criminals.

So yes, we want a Democrat president, but it is still VERY VERY crucial that the RIGHT Democrat be in office come 2009.

By: katia Sat, 26 Apr 2008 01:49:30 +0000 Female president is nothing to be that crazy about, ok, a woman, so what? She is not a leader, she is a manager and has no charisma for me. None at all. Obama on the other hand is someone who can grow politically, because he can unite people together – she can’t. Its either in you or not. I wish I was an American so that I could vote for him! 🙂 This man tackles issues that have been on my mind so much and are hard to discuss with others, and I know he can win if he convinces certain people that they can count on him.

By: che Sat, 26 Apr 2008 01:24:17 +0000 i just hope when nov rolls thru, allyuh get your minds right!!

i love obama, i think he’s a great guy and should go all the way; but shoot im more interested in dems gettin in power than who is the dem candidate.
some of his supporters are getting so polarized its either him or the highway. ppl ppl ppl !! its soooo much more important to have a democratic gov in power at this time. if hilary is the one up, then lets find a way to take down mc.cain. look more at the policies ppl. both hilary and obama have similar policies. ,
dont get tied up in this mess. the more i read the more i hear about obama supporters either going to mc.cain or stayin home in nov if hilary is up. and thats exactly what the republican party wants!! geez

By: flygyrl72 Sat, 26 Apr 2008 00:40:18 +0000 EDESSE & NELLIDAD1, ya’ll need to wake up. Please. She is a liar & a sore loser.

Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a feminist & would love to see a female president & do agree that that would be a great thing for our daughters & young women to see, Barack is the better choice.

The way Hilary has behaved is disgraceful and you know, it’s going to change her whole legacy & how her & Bill Clinton will be perceived going forward. Seriously, they’ve really ruined a lot of goodwill people had towards them. Especially in the Black community, because even when the insults haven’t been uttered directly, we get it. As a people, we recognize the tone.

They’ve done everything but come out & directly call him & Michelle “uppity Negroes”, because that’s all they try to imply, with their claims that he can’t connect w/ working class people, etc. It’s ludicrous! He has as much in common with the working class as they do! They’re both Ivy League & they’re both wealthy! And there she was in PA, doing shots & chugging beer & talking about going hunting, like she can really relate to that. Hilarious.

Her whole momentum has been built on lies & fear, like I said, she hasn’t, in all this time, been able to establish her own voice w/o trying to break him down. Know why? Because she can’t! She just cannot hold a candle to him. If she was that sound on policy fundamentals (which they’re pretty similar on anyway), she wouldn’t be resorting to the scare tactics that she’s using. And with all her political clout, she actually should be slaying him right now if she was even half the candidate that he is.

When, WHEN, has a candidate ever been criticized or derided before for being eloquent in his speeches?! Has that ever happened before?! You know you have nothing when you’re stooping to insulting the fact that your opponent speaks well. That’s insulting in itself.

And EDESSE, how is it that you can draw a parallel between you & this woman?! That is quite a stretch. Wow! You can equate your struggling thru grad school to this multi-millionaire White woman/former First Lady/married to Bill Clinton presidential candidate?! You feel sorry for her? You think she needs your sympathy?! C’mon now. She has a checkered political past & now she has to answer the tough questions, how does that make her “beat down”? And even if you do feel sorry for her, that doesn’t mean she’s the better candidate.

Like I said before, do your homework, you’ll see how they stack up, side by side. At best, she’s old school politics, and if you vote for her, you’ll get more of the same crap, that’s a promise. We need a change. This country needs to go in a new direction, & quickly. And Barack is our best hope for any chance of that.

As any strong minded assertive woman knows, being not liked often comes with the territory. Granted, I’ve even flinched sometimes when I hear her referred to as a “nutcracker” or other similar terms. But most of us that have been unfairly branded & dismissed with the “bitch” label, know that our brilliance & excellence will shine thru & speak for itself & in turn, silence our detractors, we don’t have to drag others down in the gutter the way this woman & her campaign are trying to do. She is banking on the fear of White people & the fear people have of the unknown. It’s disgusting.

And it’s amazing to me that you, as a Black woman, not only empathize with her, but would admire the way this woman has used race as a scare tactic, in order to gain votes. She’s used his Blackness as a way to scare the lower class White voter, cause she knows how they think. How do you justify that? Do you really respect that?! Her using this man’s race as a detriment?!

And FYI, I’ve had the pleasure of having worked as a volunteer coordinator for Sen. Obama in Chicago, during his US Senate run, as well as having worked with him on issues while I was a community organizer in Chicago (where I’m from) & he was a state senator. I also have two close friends who studied under him at U of C Law School. So what I say about him, I know from real life experiences. I know of what I speak also, better than most actually.

Recently, up until Super Tuesday, I was heavily involved as a volunteer w/ his campaign out here in LA & on the West Coast, where I have also interacted with the man personally. He is impressive, to put it mildly. Impeccable is the word that comes to mind. I have seen him in front of people, when he’s “on” & in his more low-key moments, with friends,colleagues, family, etc. This dude is so smart, so intelligent, so quick, it would make your head spin. And most times, he’s dead on. Doesn’t miss a beat.

He may not be perfect, but he is, at the core, a decent man. That’s one of the reasons he hasn’t resorted to stooping as low as his opponent has in all of this. He just knows to let the ish speak for itself & that the cream always rises to the top. To keep the focus on the real issues & not the bs.

I’ve been to a couple of Senator Clinton’s appearances here in LA and she was fine. I didn’t have a problem with her. I’m also sure that if I met Sen. McCain in person at an appearance or fundraiser, I wouldn’t be personally offended either. Those are public appearances, intended to appeal to potential voters, so of course, any politician is going to put their best face forward. It’s when the adversity comes, that we see what people are really made of. And she has shown us what she does/will do when things aren’t going her way or if she does get that 3am call. She’ll freak out! She’ll be nasty & act ugly/or get hysterical. She has already cried in New Hampshire, over an not all that emotional question, so you know, I really don’t EVER want to have her answering the phone at 3am. She’s a crybaby. What would she do, besides hand the phone to Bill? She’s the whiner, not Barack.

So you can continue to ignore the facts & support this woman who has done everything she coyly can to point out to people that Barack is Black & as such, won’t be electable or that he can’t be trusted because of his Muslim name. Or you can scratch beneath the surface & see who’s really the candidate with more substance & strength of character, & also who possesses the courage & wisdom to see it through.

By: edessedesigns Fri, 25 Apr 2008 13:03:35 +0000 I meant “hear him” sorry about the typo and many others that will probably follow!

By: edessedesigns Fri, 25 Apr 2008 13:02:44 +0000 Flygirl72: Hillary is more concrete–especially when it comes to what she plans to do about the economy, this is an issue I am most worried about as I am an economist by training and see the train wreck we are headed towards. I happened to see Hillary live and she answered ALL questions with such detail. I was very impressed.

I happened to see Obama in person as well and actually got to here him respond to questions about the economy. His response…a change is coming. So, from those two events alone, I am able to make a very informed opinion–probably much more informed than yours.

The moral of the story: You don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me thus your judgements of me are inaccurate. I don’t just say things to say them. I speak from experience only.

What I see in Hillary is a fighter. What she is going through right now reminds me so much of my time in graduate school when I was beat down, dragged about, misunderstood, and overlooked simply because I was a black woman studying to get her PhD in economics. As much as Obama is fighting racism, Hillary is fighting it too, along with sexism.

I’m not saying she is perfect. She is far from that. But I call it like I see it and give props to her for not giving in even though everyone around you hates the ground you walk on. I’ve walked that walk and I know how hard it is, her strength is something that I admire.

By: NELLIDAD1 Thu, 24 Apr 2008 21:44:16 +0000 I LOVE HILARY!! For all of you haters out there I speak for all women out there trying to something for a change!! Im a hispanic professional women that sees the need for women equality. Have you seen the news lately not all women have the same right as us. I think we as American Women take these rights for granted. I want my little girl to one day feel she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up despite her race, ethnicity or GENDER!!