Happy Earth Day To Ya!

Green is the color of the month, and today is the ultimate day to express your environmental concerns. It’s Earth Day! Lots of beauty and fashion retailers understand that for some, being green is already a way of life. For others, a little encouragement by way of sales, giveaways, and discounts, goes a long way. […]

The Afrobella Guide to the Florida Keys

Hello, bellas and fellas! I’m back, and this is where I spent most of my last weekend. On the beach in the fabulous Florida Keys! This year will mark a decade that I’ve lived in Miami, and consequently, I’ve gone on many a jaunt down to the Keys. We typically go camping in Big Pine […]


Me, fishin’? Not really. But my in-laws are here, and I am going camping, in the National Key Deer Refuge! I am SO not a camper, but the experience will be more than bearable because I insisted on getting the Eureka N!ergy Family Camping Tent. It’s big, tall, comfortable, and has power so you can […]

Phenomenal Woman, That’s Her

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I find Michelle Obama to be absolutely fascinating. I realize that not everyone sees her the same way — where I see the modern Jackie Kennedy, others see Omarosa, as I’ve heard her naysayers call her. Right now I’m watching the woman I sincerely hope […]

Ask Afrobella — A $5 Makeover??

If you’ve been on this Afrobella journey with me for any length of time, hopefully you’ll realize — I am all about bellas on a budget. I believe that just about every woman wants to feel beautiful every now and then, whether they’re stacking lots of paper, or struggling to get by. These almost-recession days […]

Total and Billy B — but of course!

I find so much makeup inspiration in music videos. I just put on some VH1 Soul and let it ride. Bellas, if you ever find yourself stuck in a makeup rut, you just may find a way out by mellowing out with some video classics. To wit — Total. Where the heck are Kima, Keisha, […]

Satisfy Your Thirsty Skin

In my previous Ask Afrobella about oily skin, a lot of you had really great feedback, advice, and comments. Quite a few of you mentioned that — contrary to the typically discussed issues of black skin care — you actually don’t have oily skin, and therefore, the way I’d explained the oft-repeated “black don’t crack” […]