The Best of Best of the Best

On Sunday, I succumbed completely to reggae fever. My husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary at Best of the Best, the biggest dancehall reggae festival in America. And as you can see, I went decked out in Rasta colored resplendence. I’m rockin’ those Reggaelicious hoop earrings, and some big faux designer sunglasses, because […]

Side Hustlin’

I met her at the La Guardia airport, a pretty bella with locks and a broad, inviting smile. The seat beside hers was the only empty space in the waiting lounge. She had a rambunctious five-year-old with her, and we exchanged pleasantries as we waited for our flight to start boarding. We chit chatted about […]

Worth a Click — and finally, the Creme of Nature giveaway winners!

“When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I say is ‘Thank you for waking me up this morning.’ Then I look in the mirror and say, ‘You are beautiful!’ The third thing I say is, ‘I am going to have a fantastic day!’” This is why I love Andre J, better known […]

Makeup Inspiration — Chrisette Michele

I spotted this photo over at Necole Bitchie, and I gotta thank her for introducing me to the work of Atlanta-based photographer Derek Blanks. His photos are really edgy and interesting, and I was absolutely captivated by this photo of former Afrobella of the Week Chrisette Michele, meeting herself as celebrity and admirer. I love […]

The Vortex

I gotta tell y’all, the Erykah Badu concert experience was truly, truly remarkable. I’d planned to do a whole giant review, but I think Rich from Four Four, and the amigo Jonathan Cunningham both reviewed it so eloquently, I didn’t think I could add much more. They captured every nuance. I’ll say this — I […]

Tonight’s My Night!

Bellas and fellas, I need a little break. I have been working on one of those long posts for y’all (Side Hustlin’, coming soon), but it feels like my life’s moving faster than my fingers can. As I said yesterday, my parents are in town for the month, my work deadlines don’t move for anybody, […]

Unwind Your Mind

How stressed out are you? If your response is “very,” “OMG, let me tell you,” or just an incredulous, slightly delirious cackle — believe me, I can more than identify. Working hard, working late, making money and trying to pay the bills while also making time for family, friends, side projects, and — last but […]