Throwback Thursday – When I Get Robin Thicke Alone

I just saw on one of my favorite gossip sites — that’d be Oh No They Didn’t — that Robin Thicke’s about to drop a new album, and here’s his latest song. I’m feeling it! Very old school, drenched with horns, and it’s got a beat that gets my head nodding and my foot tapping. […]

911 is a Joke

You know, I’d like to see the next president take a serious look at the justice system in this country — from officers and employees at the bottom of the totem pole, all the way through the courtrooms and the prison system. Please watch this video. If you can’t see video at your computer, […]

Be Still, My Heart

Did you watch the 6:30 news? How did it make you feel? In case you slept in a cave last night, here’s a link to the story of the day — John Edwards has officially endorsed Barack Obama for president. I’ve been waiting for this since January — like I said then, I think an […]

Afrobella Wins a Fabbie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! In January I proudly announced that I was nominated for a Fabbie Award — the first ever fashion and lifestyle blogger-created and organized awards, created by the internet superstars of Fashiontribes, Bag Snob and Manolo’s Shoeblog. I am thrilled to announce that thanks to you, beautiful, wonderful bellas and […]

…I can’t believe you like money too!

Totally out of left field — one of my favorite comedies ever is a cult flick by Mike Judge called Idiocracy. It’s cynical and dark, but absolutely hilarious in my opinion. Brief synopsis — Average folks Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph sign up for a military hibernation experiment, and wake up 500 years in the […]

Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Today is one of my favorite musician’s birthdays, and I just gotta give props to the man who’s been by my side and in my ear during the good times and bad. Stevie Wonder is a musical legend, and today he turns 57. Here’s a link to my last little Stevie tribute, and here’s his […]

b.l.a.c is beautiful

I have so much admiration for sistas who are out there doing it for themselves, entrepreneurs making a name in the cosmetics biz by specializing in makeup made for bellas like you and me. The ethnic market has become big business, and many of the leading cosmetics lines are offering makeup for a deeper and […]