How To Support Charity (And Still Buy The Stuff You Want)

I always like to tell myself, if I were rich, I would live in a relatively modern and plush home, but instead of cars and Hummercopters, I’d spend my money on traveling and donating to charity. As it is right now in my check-to-check state of this-ain’t-livin’, I wish I could donate to charities more. […]

Throwback Thursday — Luther, Luther, Luther

I never met him, never knew him, but I miss him. Luther Vandross was a rare artist, a man with a golden voice, and from all appearances, a golden personality. Having grown up on his music — raise your hand if you had a copy of The Best of Luther Vandross at your crib! — […]

Is Your Towel a Curl’s Best Friend?

This is a little product review follow-up to yesterday’s post… so many of you had such great suggestions for young C. One thing that kept coming up is towel use on curly natural hair…. and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this product before. I use it on the daily! My curls absolutely despise heavy […]

A Most Unique Ask Afrobella

I keep an open mind and an open heart in general, and I hope you all know — readers of all ethnicities, hair textures, beliefs, and genders are welcomed warmly here at Afrobella. I think we can all learn from and support each other. I certainly learned alot in trying to answer this Ask Afrobella […]

Worth a Click

You know how much I love an inspiring story about bellas making their way in the world… Meet Window Snyder, head afrobella in charge of security at Mozilla Firefox. Her Kenyan-born mother, Wayua Muasa, taught her to program the early computer programming language Basic, when she was five years old. When I was five, I […]

Goodnight, George Carlin

Wow. 2008 is shaping up to be a terrible year for celebrity deaths. The last thing I expected when I turned on the news this morning, was to learn that legendary comedian George Carlin was dead. Carlin, age 71, succumbed to heart failure on Sunday evening. Angry, biting, but always funny — the man who […]

Blog Sister Love

Afrobella really just started out as a whimsical avenue for self expression. I didn’t expect to develop such a vibrant, wonderful readership, and I definitely didn’t expect to discover a kind of sisterhood in blogging. In my earliest days, I found inspiration and support in some blogs, and an online friendship with some others. Now […]