How You Can Help

All along the Mississippi River from Iowa to St. Louis, there is devastation. Levees have been breached, farmland is flooded. People are losing their homes and their livelihoods in a time when this country is already in dire financial straits. There are some prominent donations being sent to the victims of the flood — most […]

Makeup Inspiration — Missy Does Her Best Best

It’s no secret around here — Missy Elliott has been one of my beauty inspirations for a while now. The magic of Billy B made her features come alive in the earliest videos from Supa Dupa Fly. I loved Missy then — as a full figured girl looking for media affirmation that she too could […]

Why Not Gwen?

Today a public wake for Tim Russert will be held in Washington DC, yesterday his son Luke made an utterly remarkable appearance on the Today show, sharing memories of his dad along with Matt Lauer. I could NOT have been as thoughtful and together under the circumstances. I extend my deepest sympathies to the Russert […]

Wild, Wacky Body Washes

Sometimes, being a beauty blogger is about trying the hottest new beautifying thing on the market. Other times, it involves feeling like a guinea pig and trying some truly um… unique products. Let me tell you about some of the most interesting body washes I’ve had the opportunity to try. Big Bad Mama Biker Bath […]

RIP, Mr. Russert

The news that the great Tim Russert passed away so abruptly, hit me surprisingly hard today. I’m an admitted and unabashed national news junkie, and right now, this feels like my uncle has passed or something. I can’t imagine Sunday, or good grief, watching the upcoming election coverage — without him. Tim Russert was a […]

Finally – My Latest Beauty Secrets

I get tagged quite often, and I am a turrible knucklehead about responding in kind. I don’t mean to be a jerk, I just get super busy and overwhelmed and before I know it, a month has gone by, then two, then three… and then ah forget it. But not this time! My friend in […]

How To Say What You Really Mean (Without Saying What You Really Mean)

Everyone knew this political race was going to get slimy and gross and increasingly disgusting as it progressed. So many of you, and of my real life friends and peers said — watch — they’ll go after Michelle Obama next. And I believed that. Michelle Obama is an opinionated and outspoken woman, her senior college […]