The Band I’m Seeing Tonight

When I was 14, I practically begged my brother to get me Pearl Jam’s VS on tape. That was by far the most memorable Christmas gift that year. Even though I lived in the Caribbean, far, far, FAR away from the flannel shirt set in Seattle, I got way into the grunge scene via MTV. […]

Afrobella Asks You — Hair Help for Little Dreads

Awwww. Look at this poor little guy. His mama has written me with an Ask Afrobella question that leaves me at a loss. Maybe you bellas out there can help? Here goes… HELP!!! I urgently need your help or the help of the community!!! My 9 yr old son (who has had locks since birth) […]

Get Behind Me, Starbucks

Here’s why I make no sense, even to myself sometimes — I will drive past a whole street of gas stations, searching for that one that’s still charging $3.99 a gallon. But I think nothing of shelling out 5 bucks for my beloved Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino. How could a frosty beverage be so deliciously […]

Ask Afrobella – Fro Advice For Trini Bellas

I moved away from my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago a decade ago, and I really can’t believe it’s been that long. In that time, I graduated from college twice, met and married my husband, got a job, started this here blog, and managed to practically lose my Trini accent around non-Caribbean folks, (I feel […]

Accept No Substitute

In April I gave a shout out to the chic and elegant Estelle, and I shared my favorite cut from her album Shine — her cover of No Substitute Love by reggae legend Half Pint. Via my favorite music blog Soulbounce, I learned that it’s her third single off the album. AND there’s a new […]

Throwback Thursday — So Long, Bo

I meant to post this as soon as I heard, but time slipped through my fingers. Now finally, I just want to say rest in peace to Bo Diddley. He was a rock n’ roll rhythm pioneer, a gunslinger, and not just A man, but THE man. Bo Diddley was one of the first male […]

How Did This Moment Make You Feel?

Happy? Proud? Hopeful? Or the opposite? Last night I felt immeasurable pride and warmth at the news, and I thought his speech was electrifying. But still, I realize there are those who would disagree in the harshest terms. Take for example, the woman I saw on CNN’s Headline News this morning, a self-described Democrat who […]