Throwback Thursday — Sublime, The Pharcyde, and the RTB ticket giveaway

ExcellenTIA, you got it! I will e mail you immediately to get your digits, real name, etc so my peeps at SanDisk can make sure your tix are waiting at the WillCall window. I am so psyched for this show — and as usual, I am sorry I don’t have enough pairs of tickets to […]

Ask Afrobella — Get Rid of Acne Scars

This Ask Afrobella question touched my heart in a special place. Girl, I know exactly how you feel. Dear Bella, I’m writing you because on the web you are the only one I’m looking up to. You inspire me in so many ways and even though I don’t leave comments on your website, I can […]

First Look at The Princess and the Frog

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog will open nationwide for Christmas 2009, but a little teaser just hit the internet. Just wanted to share with you all — the last time I wrote about this film, quite a few of you were excited. And some were understandably ambivalent — given Disney’s history we all should […]

Rock the Bells with SanDisk and Afrobella!

I’m back, bellas! Chicago was FABULOUS and I have a big wonderful love letter to the city coming up as soon as I can upload photos. I practically just got off the plane! And I have a truly top of the line giveaway that’s time sensitive. Here goes! Anyone who’s been reading this site for […]

Throwback Thursdays — Mih Lover

I haven’t written a Trini music post in more than a minute, so excuse me while I get back to my island roots. Living in the U.S and A, I find myself listening to much more hip hop, R&B, rock, and soul than ever before. But I was raised on a diet of calypso and […]

Did You Watch?

We had company over, so unfortunately I missed the first installment of CNN’s Black in America. And I guess CNN also aired a segment of the program over this past weekend, because the commenters at What About Our Daughters were already deep in analysis about the program’s pros and cons. I’m hearing about a lot […]

Final Final Creme of Nature Giveaway!

Bellas, it’s my Wednesday deadline for work and this week is especially rushed because… I’m going to Chicago tomorrow! I LOVE Chicago!! That’s where my in-laws are from and we’ll be celebrating my mother in law’s birthday all around downtown. So if you see someone who looks like me happily wandering around downtown Chi-town this […]