Memory Lane

Because the Black Weblog Award I yearn to win the most is the Best Writing in a Blog category, because today is the last day to vote, and also because I just celebrated my second bloggiversary, I figured now would be a great time to stroll down memory lane and share some of the Afrobella […]

Praying for Nawlins

The only time I visited New Orleans was long before Hurricane Katrina, and it was a decadent visit. I overindulged in Bourbon Street pastimes and my memories of the city are hazy but delicious. I’ve yearned to go back ever since. This weekend marks a horrific anniversary for the cradle of jazz, and three years […]

History in the Making

Are you watching tonight? There’s no way I couldn’t! Tonight, before an enthusiastic audience estimated at 80,000 in Denver’s football stadium and millions around the world, Barack Obama will make a truly historic speech. The first African American to be a major party’s nominee for President will deliver his acceptance speech. This historic occasion is […]

Ethnically Ambiguous?

I am sad to say that I won’t be at New York Fashion Week this year… I’ve never been before so I had daydreams of attending and covering the fabulosity for Afrobella. But the very next week I’ve got somewhere more magical and important to be — I’ll be going to my sister-in-law’s Seventies karaoke […]

Throwback Thursday — One in a Million

Seven years ago, on August 25, 2001 — the music world lost one of its brightest up and coming stars. Aaliyah’s death affected me profoundly then, and still her shadow looms so large over the music scene now. Who can blame lesser emulators for trying to jack her swagger? I just spent the evening browsing […]

The Healing Power of Hillary?

Unfortunately I missed Hillary’s speech last night — a dinner party took up the whole evening, and by the time I flipped on the tube it was already over. But from everything I’m reading, HRC is working hard to put the past behind her, and support the chosen Democratic candidate. But for every one of […]

I Think She Nailed It

Did you watch? I’m an open admirer of Michelle O, and I gotta give it up for my girl — she was stunning tonight. First of all — that dress. That color. GORGEOUS. Her makeup, flawless. And her words, poignant and resonant. In case you missed the speech, Yahoo and CNN both have recaps. She […]