Small Businesses Need Love Too

Creative entrepreneur Jamila of the awesome little-bella product line j. blossom contacted me today about an issue that directly affects her, as well as so many of the up-and-coming beauty product businesses I love. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is trying to draft a law that would have every handmade cosmetic product treated basically […]

Praying for Morgan

I just saw this on the news and was like whaaaat?? One of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, has been seriously injured in a car accident. Apparently Media Takeout broke the story, and it made the rounds of the gossip sites, but now CNN’s reporting it, which makes me concerned that this is indeed a […]

Rock the Bells Rocked

Woo! I’m still feeling the effects of musical euphoria, bellas and fellas — Rock the Bells at Miami’s Bayfront Park was utterly incredible. I had a time and a half. I gotta echo brilliant music blogger Vivrant Thang — this was the best hip hop concert I’ve been to… since last year’s RTB. Heh. No, […]