Ask Afrobella — Love Me, Love My Hair?

From painful experience, I’ve learned to avoid giving advice on matters of the heart. I’ve lost more than one girlfriend by opening my big mouth and telling her what I really thought about her man. Through those experiences I’ve learned, sometimes people might say that they want you to be honest with them, but it […]

Catching Up With “C”

After tackling an Ask Afrobella, it’s always great to catch up with the person who wrote to me with a question. The questioning bella formerly known as “C” replied to the encouraging comments all of you left on the A Most Unique Ask Afrobella post. Here’s that comment in its entirety, in case you missed […]

Join me on Twitter!

Hola, bellas! I just added some more social networking to an already overcrowded list. Nichelle of 55 Secret Street convinced me to join Twitter. So come follow me, or add me, or friend me, or whatever it is you call it on Twitter. I think I got a lot to learn. Click here! ** edited […]

Hang In There, Texas

If you’re in the region of Ike — GET OUT NOW. CNN warns: “On Galveston Island, waves washed for blocks inland, the beginning of a storm surge that forecasters warned could reach up to 22 feet and bring “certain death” to anyone who remained in Galveston Bay homes. Rarely do forecasters use such forceful language.” […]

Project Runway Spoiler Alert

Did you watch last night’s challenge? Click here to see who won!

A Day of Remembrance

They say the candidates are laying down their political swords today. Good. Today is not the day for grandstanding. All over the world, sad eyes are turning to the ceremonies in New York and at the Pentagon. Seven years hence, the world solemnly remembers and silent prayers for 2,751 victims are offered to the heavens. […]

As Someone Who Loves Lipstick…

I wear it every day and obsess over my favorite kind, but even this beauty blogger knows that this isn’t the time to be talking about lipstick. I don’t care if it’s a pitbull or a pig or whatever kind of animal metaphor our political candidates are using here. And it doesn’t really matter to […]