A Ray of Light in Political Darkness

This campaign has been incredibly hideous, so I was thrilled to catch the annual Al Smith memorial dinner on tv last night. The Al Smith dinner is a New York tradition, where politicians and the media lay off the harsh jabs and exchange anger for laughter for one night of the campaign season. Both Bush […]

An Election Themed Throwback Thursday

Apologies to any of you faithful bellas who have been wondering, when the heck will Afrobella quit talking about politics and get back to hair and makeup? It ain’t gonna happen, not until after November 5. (God willing). Simply because I am absolutely obsessed. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll see – I’ve been […]

Bloggers Against Poverty

Yesterday, October 15, was Blog Action Day,** and bloggers around the world banded together to blog about poverty, with the intent of raising awareness and suggesting solutions about the issue. It’s such an interesting time to blog about poverty, as the global economic growth has slowed to a crawl and many Americans are facing imminent […]

Did you Watch?

Yikes. That was intense. And already the media is speaking its piece. CNN has like 20 pundits on analyzing what just happened, and the Washington Post has already posted its fact check. Polls in favor of Obama are off the charts both domestically and globally. And the election is 20 days away. What did you […]

5 Things… I’m Loving This Week

In the spirit of Twitter, wherein I have to rein my thoughts into 140 characters, I’m starting a brand new category on Afrobella. I tend to be a longwinded writer — even a simple product review can turn into a 1,000 word post. So I thought I’d get my reviews and impressions out faster if […]

Island Remede – Brown Sugar Babe

So far I’ve written two Island Remede posts, the first on aloe, the second on coconut oil. And the last time I wrote one, my brother Dominic contacted me to say um, you spelled “remedy” wrong. So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain that no, it was intentionally spelled like that, as it […]

I Love You, Donna Brazile

I’ll admit, I giggled when I saw this video of Donna Brazile and Roland Martin breakin’ it down on What About Our Daughters. Alright, I didn’t giggle – I cackled out loud when Donna picked it up and dropped it while dancing to the Jackson Five. I laugh because I love. I have crazy respect […]