RIP, Alton Ellis

Sad news in the reggae world tonight, as one of Jamaican music’s pioneers has passed away. Rest in peace, Alton Ellis, the godfather of rocksteady. According to the

Are You An Original?

What I love about Ododo Original’s beaded hair accessories, is their by bellas for bellas nature. Yes, these duckbill hair clips will effortlessly slide into the slickest and straightest hair, but as a bella with thick, poofy, crazy kinks, I love finding a hair accessory that not only a. is made to grip my hair […]

Adorn Yourself

When I’m going out somewhere special and I want to look and feel fierce, I wear my hair extra big, pull it back from my face with a comfortable headband, and rock some fly jewelry. A big, glorious afro puff looks extra amazing when paired with some oversized earrings. I’m also a big fan of […]

An Anniversary of Healing

This photo was taken in my back yard in Trinidad, New Year’s Day 2007. Judging from the amount of champagne still in my glass, it must have just struck midnight. I’m standing between Aunty Gemma and Aunty Opal, my mom’s sisters who raised me just as much as my mom and sister Petal did. I […]

Can’t Knock the Hustle

Wow. I am amazed by the internet, the speed of information, and the speed of entrepreneurship. The debate was just last night, and already online hustlers have run away with the two taglines of the evening — “That One,” as John McCain grumpily referred to Barack Obama, and “my friends,” which McCain said an astonishing […]

Calling All Natural Beauties!

One of my favorite up and coming beauty brands is Ohm Body. I’ve reviewed some of their products before, and my favorite product is definitely their Crown of Glory Avocado Hair Energy Oil. Now you’ve got the chance to try Ohm on your own — with the Ohm Body Natural Beauty contest! Here’s the deetz […]

Barackin’ Out

When I first heard Jay Z was putting on a free concert for Barack Obama, I went on a mission. I contacted a posse of friends to go with. When I heard that tickets were going out to Campaign for Change offices Thursday morning, I planned to get to work late. But instead I stood […]