5 Things… Scents of the Season

Yesterday got a little heated, so if y’all don’t mind I’m going to clear the air and get back to beauty. Let’s talk about perfume! The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re like me, you always gotta save a little room for yourself on your shopping list. After splurging on everyone else, it’s only […]

Obama, Clinton, and One Wild Inauguration Fiesta

On today’s News and Notes blogger’s roundtable, I discussed the possible appointment of Hillary Clinton to the position of Secretary of State, the emergence of racist responses to Obama in Europe, and the fact that over one million people are expected to celebrate Obama’s inauguration in the chocolate city! I shared the panel with Rob […]

Love, Not H8

Sometimes, when we’re watching an old film, or listening to classic rock, my husband will wistfully say, “I wish I had lived during the sixties.” To which I always respond — not I. In the 60’s, life was peace, love, and The Beatles for some. For others, it was Motown, protests, fire hoses, and hatred. […]

Comment of the Week – Asha Mandala

One thing I try hard not to be, is judgmental. And when I read the story of Asha Mandala — the Trinidadian born woman who had set her sights on becoming the Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Longest Dreadlocks, I saw nothing but judgment. The Orlando Sentinel article provoked 75 comments, many of […]

Beautiful Black Bloggers – Zandile Blay

I’m a girl who clicks around the Internets, and I’ve noticed something — whenever there’s a list of “bloggers we want to see in bikinis” or “most beautiful bloggers,” there’s a distinct lack of melanin in the women featured on the list. What’s with that? It’s noticeable to me because I am part of a […]

I Love Clutch!

One of my favorite online magazines — OK, my FAVORITE online magazine, is Clutch Magazine. When I was just a new blogger on the block, the editor Dede saw potential in me and featured Afrobella on their site. It meant the world to me and the lovefest is mutual – Clutch has been tremendously supportive […]

Magical Minerals

My mineral makeup experiences have been hit or miss. Initially I was a believer in Philosophy’s The Supernatural, but then I realized how deathly ashy I looked in some of my photographs and it occurred to me, maybe it’s my makeup’s fault! An interview I had with renowned makeup artist James Vincent confirmed my suspicions: […]