Sparrow Sang For Me


Almost exactly a year ago, I had the interview of a lifetime. The all time calypso king of the world, The Mighty Sparrow was set to come to Miami for a special show at the Arsht Center called Calypso at Dirty Jim’s. Non-Caribbean readers, let me explain how big this was for me. Sparrow is […]

Lashtastic Eye Magic

If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then your lashes are the drapes. And you want to have gorgeous, knock-em-dead drapes, right? I’ve noticed that even bellas who go on the record as “not wearing makeup” pay special attention to their lashes. I know quite a few women who would rather leave the […]

Celebrating With Curls

When I originally scheduled this giveaway, it wasn’t with forethought of this historic occasion. But in light of the news that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States, it seems like an even more appropriate celebration! This giveaway is especially for my transitioning bellas! I recently did a post about a popular […]


I am Twittering at the speed of light, so if you want to know my thoughts as the evening progresses, click here! Barack Obama has been elected 44th President of the United States of America. My heart is full to bursting. I can’t stop crying. Tell me how you feel!!! edited at 8 a.m. — […]

Today’s the Day!!

How long have we been waiting for this day? Election Day 2008, and history hangs in the balance. Will America elect Barack Obama? The polls and endorsements overwhelmingly indicate yes. Already Dixville Notch has weighed in, Obama beat McCain 15 to 6. I don’t want to predict that the numbers will go that way, but […]

Rest In Peace, Madelyn Dunham

Barack Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham passed away today, at the age of 86. A day before the election that could make her grandson the next President of the United States. Barack Obama revealed the information to a crowd of supporters today: “She’s gone home,” Obama said as tens of thousands of rowdy supporters at the […]

Join Me On Facebook!

I have a confession to make. I haven’t logged into my MySpace account in like a year or more. Somewhere along the line it just got too messy for me — I tried to keep my real life friends and my Afrobella friends separate with two different accounts and I got so overwhelmed I just […]