Words To Live By

When I was … what, eleven or twelve years old? I had one of those teachers you remember forever. Mrs. Silvera. She was awesome. There are so many things I’ve forgotten and supressed from those formative years, but the Mrs. Silvera experience could never be one of them. This is partially because she made our […]

5 Save Your Skin Winter Moisture Solutions

So since my announcement this week (yay!) I’ve been delightfully overwhelmed with well wishes and congratulations. And without fail, one of the first things people say is, “girl, are you crazy? You’re leaving Miami for Chicago? But Chicago is so cold!” No duh! I’m not moving to Chicago for the weather, I think only a […]

Rolling the Dice On My Life

Remember the New Year’s post I wrote, 2009 is mine? I wrote words that were meant to inspire and electrify, but I didn’t explicitly state the kind of changes I had in store. When I said: “2009 is MINE. My year to grab life by the reins. My year to be the change I’ve been […]

Finally! Valana Faux Brush Winners!

Bellas, let me tell you — behind the scenes of these giveaways, it ain’t always easy. Valerie Reed of Valana Minerals found that out the hard way. Not only did she wind up with more than 600 bellas and fellas entering her contest, but she had some really great resolutions to choose from! “Once everything […]

Good Hair, According to Chris Rock

Thanks to my friends at Palacinka and Bellasugar, I heard about a hot new documentary that sounds like a must-see for any Afrobella. By Chris Rock? Really? You heard right — Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair, has entered competition at Sundance. It’s getting great reviews, and according to the description, it sounds amazing and inspiring […]

Michelle Obama – A Glowing New First Lady

Tuesday in the nation’s capital. During this historic day, the question millions have been waiting for will finally be answered. Yeah, yeah, yeah – Barack Obama will be sworn in as the nations’s 44th president. History, hope, and change. Now where is MICHELLE and what is she WEARING? And just moments ago, there she was […]

DC! I Wanna Be Where You Are!

Right now I’m looking at live pictures on CNN, of folks who’ve been arriving on the National Mall since 4 a.m. People of all different creeds and races, all clad in head-to-toe coats and boots and warmth to get them through the temperatures in Washington DC today. One of my Twitter friends (can’t recall which) […]