Michelle Obama – A Glowing New First Lady

Tuesday in the nation’s capital. During this historic day, the question millions have been waiting for will finally be answered. Yeah, yeah, yeah – Barack Obama will be sworn in as the nations’s 44th president. History, hope, and change. Now where is MICHELLE and what is she WEARING? And just moments ago, there she was […]

DC! I Wanna Be Where You Are!

Right now I’m looking at live pictures on CNN, of folks who’ve been arriving on the National Mall since 4 a.m. People of all different creeds and races, all clad in head-to-toe coats and boots and warmth to get them through the temperatures in Washington DC today. One of my Twitter friends (can’t recall which) […]

Diversity Day!

Hey bellas! I’ve got an exciting career advancing proposition for you, on behalf of one of my favorite bloggers in the game! The one and only Carmen Van Kerckhove, creator of Racialicious and president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, is offering the kind of diversity training I can get behind. Carmen is all […]