Diversity Day!

Hey bellas! I’ve got an exciting career advancing proposition for you, on behalf of one of my favorite bloggers in the game! The one and only Carmen Van Kerckhove, creator of Racialicious and president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, is offering the kind of diversity training I can get behind. Carmen is all […]

NPR on Obama Merchandise Overkill

Hey bellas and fellas, I was honored beyond belief to be a guest on a special all-inauguration episode of NPR’s News and Notes today. The venerable Tony Cox hosted, and I shared the roundtable with Harry Allen of Media Assassin and Robert Redding of the Redding News Review. Click here to listen!

Martin, Obama, and an Ongoing Dream

I saw this cartoon by Tom Toles on Daniel Kurzman page at About.com, and was struck by the effective and brilliant simplicity of it. And by the significance of this moment in time. It’s kind of mind-boggling when you stop to consider the enormity of it all. Today we celebrate the legacy of a civil […]

Class Action Cosmetics!

Yet another tip of the hat to the Frugalista — today’s tip made me shriek in excitement. If you visited a high end department store and overpaid for some cosmetics between May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003, you could be in for a freebie, thanks to a class action lawsuit. From Businessweek: “Starting next […]

A Brief Giveaway Update

Bellas, I’ve been getting e mails from the winners of the Cantu giveaway and I finally got word… that the packages haven’t been mailed out yet. I know! I was disappointed too. But the holiday crush proved to be a bit much for my friends at Cantu. And truth be told, I have no real […]

Afrobella Loves Stila Loves Barbie!

I caught a glimpse of the new limited edition Stila Loves Barbie collection over at Temptalia, and I m absolutely head over heels for the packaging alone! This belongs on my dresser. Stila shows love to the 1980’s black Barbie with a special Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can that costs $40, and comes stocked with […]

Look Like a Million Bucks, Spend Less than $50

Being a frugalista is the new hotness (right Natalie?), but sometimes in my efforts to save money, I find myself feeling a little declasse. That kind of thing happens when you’re rummaging through a bin of shoes at Miami’s Mall of the Americas. You know you’ve found some bargain basement shopping if a grow house […]