Live! At the Oscars!

In an interesting new move, Glam Media is presenting a live Oscar Twitter feed right here on Afrobella! Read on to see my views on the fashion, the celebrities, and Oscar night in general live as the show takes place! If you’re on Twitter, click here for my profile, and all you gotta do to […]

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

The 50 Million Pound Challenge continues, and I’ve been pretty proud of myself so far. Thanks to your delicious recipe recommendations, I made some yummy and nutritious soups to tide me over the wisdom teeth blues. Thank you, bellas! Recovery has led me to steer clear of the kind of foods that were doing me […]

Today = The First Day of the Rest Of My Life

The day job I’ve talked about endlessly on this site, finally comes to an end today. So excuse me if I’m a little extra bubbly, bellas and fellas! I’ve put in four and a half solid years of employment, and today I graduate from the Village Voice Media family. I will sincerely miss my co-workers […]

What I Wish I Knew (Before I Went Natural)

I saw this brilliant feature over at YMIB, and LOVED it. YMIB Circle Sister NaturalReign’s, list of the 20 things she wished she knew before going natural made me think of a few things of my own. — I wish I’d known that the mysterious hairstyle I’d been looking for all my chemically-relaxed life, the […]

Even More Tips to Stay Fly on The Cheap

Bellas, I found myself in excellent company when I was included in this article on hot new blog In Her Shoes. Renae Bluitt’s blog is all about fly female entrepreneurs and she features inspiring information and interviews. For the staying fly on a dime post, she interviewed yours truly, Najwa Moses, singer/songwriter Lizz Fields, Candace […]

Inner Conflict of a Budgeting Beauty Blogger

Halfway through the Frugalista’s No Buy Month and it feels both like a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I’ve been able to add to my savings account. Going shopping in my own closet, makeup drawer, and pantry has helped me appreciate the value of what I already have. I’ve been quite proud of […]

Home Depot Black History Month Giveaway!

Bellas, I just discovered a new makeup muse. The beautiful black woman with the stunning gaze that you see before you is Nina Mae McKinney. She was among the first African-American film stars. Nina Mae appeared in over 30 films — more than Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge. She was called “The Black Garbo,” “The […]