5 Valentine Day’s Reggae Jams

I don’t know how many roots reggae fans actually read these posts and listen to all of the songs. For me, this is blogging at its most self-indulgent. But you know what — maybe there are more of you than I think! And if you’re not yet a reggae fan, maybe I can be your […]

Unintended Diet, Resulting Revelations

My 50 Million Pound Weight Loss challenge continues, and I’ve made some progress since my first post. A lot more than I expected to, actually. I lost five pounds since last Friday. But not in a way that I’d recommend to ANYONE. Last Friday morning, I came to the end of a long dental journey. […]

Valentine’s Day, The No-Buy-Month Way

So far I’ve been a very good bella with my no-buy-month pledge. The one big expense I was concerned about for the month of February? Valentine’s Day! It’s traditionally been a time of bounty for beauty product junkies like myself. And I know V-Day is a commercially-created creation, but I’m in love with love. I’ll […]

Michelle, Oh!

If you’re like me, and have already got a handsome collection of Barack Obama newspaper and magazine covers piling up around your home, I bet you’re super excited about this right here — Michelle Obama is looking most elegant and stunning on the cover of the March issue of Vogue. Love that tagline — “the […]

The Moral Of This Blogger’s Story

I took some heat on my Chris Brown/Rihanna post, particularly from two commenters who took issue with my opinion about the issue. One regular reader that I like and respect quite a bit, accused me of being “one sided” and not neutral about cultural differences. Another reader went ahead and expressed disappointment in me as […]

The Body Shop Scavenger Hunt Winner Is…

Bellas! 94 comments on the giveaway and almost all of you got the answer right. So the randomly chosen correct answer winner is…. Zara! Congratulations, Zara! And yes, the right answer was Moroccan Rose Body Milk. And if you didn’t win here, fret not! The Body Shop Scavenger Hunt continues on some other wonderful beauty […]

As An “Island Woman…”

Just like most of everyone (at least everyone on Twitter last night), I watched the Grammys and was astounded at the news about Chris Brown and Rihanna. I believe I first heard it from Necole Bitchie or Concrete Loop, can’t recall which. In no time flat it was confirmed by the likes of People Magazine, […]